Welcome to Project Knitway or should I say Project Renottaway? It's my cyberspace place to post my favorite things...thoughts about family and creativity and design. One of my favorite things is making stuff, specifically clothing and accessories from fiber and metal. So you'll see a lot about that here. I also love spending time with my family, so there will be a bit about that too. When I'm not with my family or in my studio, I am most likely at nextdoor, my store. I have always had a store ever since I was a young woman. I started with a weaving store called the niddy noddy in Waukesha eons ago. I ended with nextdoor in Brookfield. It's my dream store filled with great clothing, especially denim. Really nice women work and shop there, it's a fun place to be. You can find us there every day and online at www.shopatnextdoor.com So come for a visit here and there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check Mate or It's Not Easy Being Green

I picked up three skeins of Homespun yarn in an unusual green color and thought, what am I going to do with this? I decided to combine it with black and cream and knit a large throw. After playing with combinations of three, back to my algebra days, I came up with the pattern below. I cast on 50 stitches every other needle and machine knit on T8 one skein of each color in the three sequences you see in the sketch. It was necessary to knit the throw in three separate strips as you are limited to width with a knitting machine. After the sections were knit I sewed them together on the sewing machine. If you were knitting this by hand, you would of course just knit the throw in one large piece. You would also be hand knitting this for a month of Sundays. I was able to knit my throw in just one day, another thing I love about machine knitting! Herbert Hoover once said there should be a car in every garage. I think there should be a knitting machine in every house. Have fun and stick to your knitting! 

My throw has been added to my project knitway collection on my website  http://www.shopatnextdoor.com/ The proceeds from the sale of these items goes to the purchase of more materials for the shelter scarves.