Welcome to Project Knitway or should I say Project Renottaway? It's my cyberspace place to post my favorite things...thoughts about family and creativity and design. One of my favorite things is making stuff, specifically clothing and accessories from fiber and metal. So you'll see a lot about that here. I also love spending time with my family, so there will be a bit about that too. When I'm not with my family or in my studio, I am most likely at nextdoor, my store. I have always had a store ever since I was a young woman. I started with a weaving store called the niddy noddy in Waukesha eons ago. I ended with nextdoor in Brookfield. It's my dream store filled with great clothing, especially denim. Really nice women work and shop there, it's a fun place to be. You can find us there every day and online at www.shopatnextdoor.com So come for a visit here and there.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Heat is On

The heat is on in our homes and most of us feel safe, cozy and warm. But for some less fortunate this is not true. The cold weather ahead doesn't bring visions of sugar plums and family gathered around the fireplace. Instead the cold realty is that many are facing nights ahead on the streets. Last year we started a community project at nextdoor involving our scarves for shelter. We knit and distributed over 200 warm scarves for shelters in Waukesha. I am proud to say that thanks to all our "donations" of yarn by our customers we will be knitting 500 scarves this year. I am also happy to say that we will be donating these scarves via Hope Center in Waukesha. This is a wonderful organization that has been serving basic needs in the community with financial assistance, free food, free clothing and free furniture in the area for almost twenty-five years. Our scarves are distributed through their store. So the heat is on! We are stepping up production in the studio. 500 scarves, 125,000 rows, one scarf at a time. My good friends Ula and June are helping me reach our goal. Because what is life without Hope!